janeiro 20, 2004

Gestão Orçamental

Via Intermitente: Prodi quer mais euros!!! [meus bolds]
"In a speech yesterday (19 January), Mr Prodi [European Commission President] said that his institution could not accept a reduction in the amount of money that member states pay into the EU budget.

He went on to explicitly criticise the six net contributors to the EU budget - Austria, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Sweden - who at the end of last year sent a letter demanding that for the next budget period (2007-2013), EU spending be capped at 1% of Gross National Income.

He went on to insist that the Commission cannot do the jobs it has been set - in the areas of justice and home affairs, external politics and the Lisbon Agenda - the EU's self-set target of turning itself into the most dynamic economy in the world by 2010 - if it is to get less money."

Solução? Metade do orçamento comunitário é aplicado na Política Agrícola Comum (PAC)...