fevereiro 15, 2004

O Sabor Amargo do Protecionismo

Via John Ray, as consequências do protecionismo americano (meus destaques):
"(...) the end of 2003 brought the end of Brach's production of hard candy on the city's West Side. A decade ago, Brach's employed about 2,300. Until recently, many of the remaining Teamster jobs paid $19 an hour. Many signs in the abandoned Chicago facility were in Spanish, Polish and Greek for the immigrant work force, most of whose jobs have gone to Mexico. Labor is cheaper there, but so is 92 percent of the raw material for hard candy -- sugar. By moving outside the United States, Brach's can pay the world market price of sugar, which is one-half to one-third of the U.S. price as propped up by import quotas.

Life Savers, which for 90 years were made in America, are now made in Canada, where labor costs are comparable to those in the United States, but the yearly cost of sugar is $10 million less."

A Administração americana tenta proteger os seus produtores de açúcar e quem fica a perder são os trabalhadores da indústria dos rebuçados...