abril 14, 2004

A Lenda de Robin

Via Causa Liberal, a lenda de Robin dos Bosques no Ludwig von Mises Institute:
"If the legends are true, and Robin and his men robbed from the rich and gave to the poor, it is likely that they fought the feudal system by robbing the taxers and returning the money to the oppressed taxpayers among the peasantry. The king and his looters had no property rights to the forest, its animal life or the labor and property of the peasantry. How could they? What they exercised were immoral privileges inherent to the feudal governmental regime, which allowed a few to exploit the labor and property of the many.
Taxes are the engine of tyranny and are resented and opposed by the people of every century. The legend of Robin Hood appeals because of that; the refusal to accept as legitimate what we all instinctively know is not."

Infelizmente, a versão de Hollywood (o filme de 1938 com Errol Flynn) não é fiel à lenda!!!