maio 07, 2004


Via Mises Economics Blog, um post no Cafe Hayek sobre externalidades negativas:
"For economists and other social-scientists working in the rational-choice tradition, a major rationale for government – indeed, perhaps the rationale for government – is that it eliminates (or dampens) externalities.

I wish (...) to point out that government creates as well as eliminates externalities.

One externality created by government – a negative externality – is the grouping of all citizens of a nation into one lump.

If those people who dislike U.S. government policies seek to terrorize Americans because of these policies, every American is at greater risk of being a victim of a terrorist attack – even those citizens who strongly oppose the policies. This is a negative externality."

Outro exemplo:
Na União Europeia - para se "proteger" os agricultores europeus da concorrência - elimina-se, através dos subsídios da PAC, qualquer hipótese de sobrevivência das populações dos países subdesenvolvidos.