maio 07, 2004

Fundos Comunitários

Via Intermitente, um artigo do Cato Institute sobre a ineficácia das "ajudas" da União Europeia (meus destaques):
"[A]id was supposed to generate faster economic growth in outlying regions of Europe. There are conceptual problems with that approach to economic growth. Governments are notoriously bad at tackling the essential problem of economics: efficient allocation of resources. Whereas the market decides allocation of resources according to risk-adjusted returns on investment, governments allocate resources on the basis of political lobbying.

As a practical matter, aid cannot be the determinant of economic growth in Europe. If that were true, Greece and Portugal, which received some of the largest amounts of aid, but pursued socialist economic policies, would be Europe's economic superpowers. Instead, they are among the poorest pre-enlargement members of the EU."

A solução mais eficiente é, conjuntamente com a redução das despesas públicas, baixar os impostos!