junho 08, 2004

Barões do Petróleo V

Via Mises Economics Blog, a Southwest Airlines lucrou com o aumento do preço do petróleo (meus destaques):
"[Southwest Airlines] has hedged more than 80 percent of its fuel needs for the next two years at a price of $24 a barrel. And Southwest is the only U.S. carrier to have hedged most of its fuel.
That foresight was the reason Southwest turned a profit in the first quarter, while other airlines bled due to high fuel costs and depressed air fares. Without the hedges, Southwest's profit of $26 million would have been a loss of $8 million.
Hedging fuel prices involves buying futures contracts or other instruments to offset a possible rise in oil prices. Extensive hedging programs keep airlines' fuel costs stable and predictable, while small hedge programs at least ensure that fuel prices won't cause an airline to go under."

"Especulação" com o preço do barril de petróleo significa que, neste caso, os passageiros da Southwest continuam a beneficiar de tarifas baixas. Quem, afinal, quer acabar com os especuladores???