dezembro 09, 2004

Segurança Rodoviária

Via Marginal Revolution, parece que a anarquia nas estradas é a melhor solução para maior segurança rodoviária (meus destaques):
"Hans Monderman is a traffic engineer who hates traffic signs.(...) Several years ago, Monderman ripped out all the traditional instruments used by traffic engineers to influence driver behavior - traffic lights, road markings, and some pedestrian crossings - and in their place created a roundabout, or traffic circle. The circle is remarkable for what it doesn't contain: signs or signals telling drivers how fast to go, who has the right-of-way, or how to behave. There are no lane markers or curbs separating street and sidewalk, so it's unclear exactly where the car zone ends and the pedestrian zone begins. To an approaching driver, the intersection is utterly ambiguous - and that's the point."
In England, towns in Suffolk and Wiltshire have removed lane lines from secondary roads in an effort to slow traffic - experts call it «psychological traffic calming.» A dozen other towns in the UK are looking to do the same. A study of center-line removal in Wiltshire, conducted by the Transport Research Laboratory, a UK transportation consultancy, found that drivers with no center line to guide them drove more safely and had a 35 percent decrease in the number of accidents."

Estradas sem sinais ou faixas do meio pintadas? Rotundas?

Portugal estava, afinal, no bom caminho...