dezembro 21, 2003

Erro Estratégico?

No programa "60 Minutes", transmitido pela SIC Notícias, uma reportagem sobre a Guiné Equatorial (meus bolds):
"What country has the world's fastest-growing economy? China? Ireland? No. Equatorial Guinea, a tiny nation which been dubbed the 'Kuwait of Africa' because it has so few people and so much oil."

African countries like Equatorial Guinea will provide as much as 25 percent of America's oil in the next decade. And giants like ExxonMobil are pumping out more of it all the time."

"The country has the third largest reserves in Africa (...)"

"Equatorial Guinea got to keep a mere 12 percent of the oil revenues in the first year of its contract -- not much of a deal considering that other African countries were keeping as much as 60 percent."

"President Obiang has won big since oil was discovered - and now he is bestowing on himself and his family the lifestyle of the rich and famous. The president visits Washington, D.C. A lot. He's bought a couple of mansions in the D.C. area - and he paid $2.6 million dollars for one in cash."

"Is the president worried that his popularity is slipping? 'My popularity at the moment is not decreasing. In a sense it's actually growing,' he says. 'It's growing, because if I obtain 97 percent of the elections, it just shows there is no one left in the opposition.'
Maybe that's because the opposition's leaders were locked up in the notorious Black Beach Prison when the elections were held."

"As first reported by the Los Angeles Times, American oil companies have been depositing hundreds of millions of dollars in oil royalties into an account controlled by President Obiang at a branch of the Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C."

" 'Somewhere like Equatorial Guinea is particularly strategic because I mean, figure it's non-OPEC and it's non-Muslim oil that's very attractive for the U.S.,' says Vines
[senior researcher for Human Rights Watch]. 'But if you have greater disenfranchisement and frustration by the local populations who see no benefit from oil, they may become festering zones for other types of individuals who want to manipulate this, including sympathizers to Al Qaeda or other groups that may have an anti-American interest involved.' "

Será que a administração americana não consegue aprender com os erros do passado?