janeiro 27, 2004

Ensino... Superior?

Via Intermitente, o estado do ensino superior no Reino Unido:
"It is not just that money is short. The price and quantity of courses are state-controlled, in a system more suited to Soviet central planning than to a modern democracy. And as with other planned economies, the result of government intervention is increasingly unsatisfactory.

State supervision, coupled with penury, gives universities the smell of a failing nationalised industry, rather than of world-class outfits devoted to the risky business of thinking original thoughts.

Most European countries charge little or nothing. But fees have two beneficial effects. The first is that the university is beholden to nobody in its planning. (...) Fees also mean that students are much more motivated. Underpriced goods and services are usually wasted, and university education is no exception.

But fees will also make students more powerful customers. Teaching at American universities is much better presented than in most European ones."

Leiam todo o artigo do Economist, intitulado "Who Pays to Study?", e vejam as semelhanças com o ensino superior português...