março 26, 2004

Barões do Petróleo II

As diferenças do preço da gasolina entre os 50 estados americanos depende, principalmente, do nível de intervenção estatal no mercado (meus destaques):
"[P]art of the higher cost at the pump has nothing to do with the price of petroleum. Despite a national economic recovery, state budgets are still reeling from the impact of the latest recession. And gasoline taxes have provided a ready source of cash (...).

State governments have played another important role in the recent price spike at the pump. To meet air quality standards under the federal Clean Air Act, some states require reformulated gasoline - special blends that make gasoline burn cleaner and reduce pollutants during the summer months. But with some 15 different blends called for by state regulators, gasoline refined for one market can’t be sold in another area where a different blend is required."

A diferença de preços entre os 15 estados-membros da União Europeia não se equipara ao exemplo americano. Por cá, todos os países têm elevados impostos sobre a gasolina...

PS: vejam o caso português.