junho 14, 2004


O mundo presta tributo ao império americano:
"Since June of 2001, the Rest of the World has poured the mind-boggling sum of just over $1.4 trillion net into financial assets in the US.

80% of all foreign monies being poured in are now going straight to the Imperium – two-thirds of them ($960bln) to the Feds and the remainder ($185bln) to the lower orders of government.

[For] every $1 worth of excess goods & services the hard-sweated Chinese, the entrepreneurial Thais, and the inventive Japanese supply to America, they render 90c directly back unto Caesar in order to do nothing less than to keep the Legions fed and armed, prowling their sea lanes, itching to build bases on their territories, and planning to occupy the very heavens over their heads."

Será que o "investimento" no militarismo americano é, a médio e longo prazo, um bom negócio?