setembro 16, 2004

O Défice

Via Mises Economics Blog, uma notícia sobre o défice real dos EUA: pode chegar aos 72 triliões de dólares (meu destaque):
"Astronomical federal debt, coming due as the Baby Boom generation collects Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, is enormous enough to swamp the promises both candidates [Bush and Kerry] are making to voters, whether for tax cuts, health care, 40,000 more troops or anything else.
Traditional budget measures used by politicians and the press give what Walker and many others call a highly misleading view of the U.S. debt. These focus on publicly held debt already incurred, now at $4.5 trillion, or 10-year budget forecasts like the one released last week by the Congressional Budget Office showing a record $422 billion deficit this year and a $2.3 trillion 10- year deficit.

But these figures, worrisome enough, are deceptive because they ignore future liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare payments to the Baby Boomers. An array of government and private analysts put the actual U.S. «fiscal gap,» which means all future receipts minus all future obligations, at $40 trillion (Government Accountability Office) to $72 trillion (Social Security Board of Trustees)."

Em Portugal, alguém já fez semelhantes cálculos?