outubro 14, 2004

Certificação Estatal

Via Education Watch e Adam Smith Institute Blog, um exemplo das causas da deficiente qualidade do ensino público inglês:
"His lessons have helped some of Britain's most successful pupils pass their exams, but the headmaster of Westminster School is, apparently, not good enough to teach children in the state sector.

Tristram Jones-Parry, the head of the £15,204-a-year school in London, is retiring next year and had planned to offer his services to the state school system, which has a severe shortage of maths teachers.

The 57-year-old, who still teaches 10 lessons a week at Westminster in between running his 680-pupil school, was astonished to be told by the General Teaching Council, the regulatory body for teachers in England, that he was not suitably qualified.
Mr Jones-Parry, who has been head of Westminster for six years, taught maths there for 21 years before that, and has presided over some of the best exam results in the school's 444-year history.

This year it topped the national A-level league table with a 483 average point score - the equivalent of four grade As per student. Maths was the most popular subject at A-level. Of the 103 candidates who took it, 85 per cent gained a grade A and 96 per cent gained an A or a B. At GCSE, 100 per cent of pupils gained five A* to Cs."

Nota: Penso que, em Portugal, até as escolas privadas são obrigadas a contratar professores com "aprovação" estatal...