junho 08, 2004

O Grande Comunicador

Via Causa Liberal, uma entrevista da revista Reason, em Julho de 1975, ao então Governador do Estado da California, Ronald Reagan (meus destaques):
"Who pays the business tax anyway? We do! You can’t tax business. Business doesn’t pay taxes. It collects taxes. And if they can’t be passed on to the customer in the price of the product as a cost of operation, business goes out of business. Now what they’re going to do is make it easier for demagogic politicians–and you’ve got plenty of them in the state legislature–to say to the people, look, we need money for this worthwhile project but we’re not going to tax you, we’re going to tax business, now that we can do it by a one vote margin. So they’ll tax business and the price of the product will go up and the people will blame the storekeeper for the rise in the price of the product, not recognizing that all he’s doing is passing on to them a hidden sales tax."

Reagan era, verdadeiramente, o Grande Comunicador! Em apenas um parágrafo ele diz, à cerca de 30 anos atrás, o que neste blog se tentou explicar num post inteiro...